California Dreaming

I have been day dreaming about the 8-year anniversary trip Brandon and I took traveling up the coast of California. We wanted to take a trip to celebrate, but both of our schedules have been so hectic that a tropical destination was not in the cards. We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous stops along the coast of California. This fun beach look was from our time in Santa Barbara.

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We grabbed some brunch at the most adorable little restaurant and bakery, Jeannine’s Restaurant and Bakery. I had the lemon poppy seed pancakes which were insanely delicious! Anytime I see a lemon pastry on a menu the decision has been made for me – I must try it! The pancakes were perfectly fluffy and the butter served with them was infused with the most amazing fresh lemon flavor. Brandon got their french toast which was made of thickly cut brioche bread and was covered with perfectly ripe fruit. With freshly made coffees- DUH!

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After breakfast we headed down state street to the beach. There was a cute little event where people were selling handmade jewelry, art , and other nick nacks. I love coming across these little events and finding unique pieces that I might not have otherwise found.

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We browsed for a while and went to lounge on the beach and take about a million photos of palm trees. I am slightly obsessed with palm trees and take what is probably (Who am I kidding – Definitely) a completely ridiculous amount of photos of them. Anyone else feel the same way??


If you live close enough to take a trip to Santa Barbara I would highly recommend it. Comment down below if you have been and some of the fun things you did while on your trip. I would love to read about it!

Outfit details and links to the items I purchased or similar items are below!


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Dress: Comes in 7 Colors, Less then $20!!! , Less then $20 and so cute!

Hat:Always On Vacay or Resting Beach Face

Clutch: Similar or So fun!!

Sandals: Steve Madden,Steve Madden, or These

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Let’s Eat: 626 Night Market

** Warning: The below post will contain phallic shaped foods. If you would at all be bothered by a cake that is the in shape of a mans uh… under region then please do not continue**

I have been dying to get out to 626 Night Market for a few years now! A group of co-workers decided to all carpool to this foodie destination. 626 Night Market is a huge foodie event where imaginative food vendor get together and sell they delicious, and sometimes unusual, fare.


Shake Ramen was the first vendor that I had to try. I am a HUGE ramen fanatic and head so much buzz about these little cups of ramen. They place each cooked ingredient in the cup separately and then seal them shut with a plastic cover. When you get the delicious cup of noodles you shake it all up, peel back the lid and enjoy. All the ingredients were delicious and fresh, but it needed more of that broth. One of my favorite parts of a bowl of ramen is slurping down that delicious broth and there was none of that here.


Oh, the unicorn! The gorgeous and sweet sister of the infamous Mexican street corn, or Elote. This thing was unbelievably delicious. If you have a major sweet tooth, like I do, then this sweet corn is a must try. I couldn’t make out what the flakey colorful bits were, but I loved them! They also had a Doritos crushed corn and a hot Cheetos crusted corn too.


When I visited Prague last summer they have cart vendors everywhere making these doughnut cones with ice cream. I was flooded with memories from that trip when I saw these babies and had to get one. The shell tasted almost exactly the same as the ones we got while in Europe. They also had a ton of different ice cream options to choose from.


You can get a whole grilled lobster – We had to do it! It was to die for! It was drenched in this super delicious garlicky butter sauce and the lobster was perfectly cooked.  Eating a halved lobster while standing up is a serious struggle and requires some serious concentration, but is oh so worth the work!


These cute bulb drinks were everywhere while we were walking around. The glass was so cute that I had to get one! Plus the had milk tea with boba which is pretty much the best thing ever. The line was ridiculously long, but moved pretty quickly. However, we were stuck next to the fermented tofu vendor so it was insanely stinky the whole wait (yay…)  Besides the milk tea, we ordered a watermelon and coconut.


They has stands everywhere for American beers that you would find at any local bar, but they had one area where you could buy this popular Japanese beer. I usually love Japanese beers because they are a lot lighter and have a clean taste to them. This was no different. It was a light wheat beer with a clean flavor.


Lots of places in the night market have silly little gimmick to get people to want to buy their product. The bulb glasses got me, there are drinks served in a unicorn floaty, and then there is this – The phallic D-Cake. We met a couple in line ahead of us who had just gotten one and they convinced us we had to have it. It is a donut like dough with a cream filling and sweet gaze drizzled over it.


There were so many other vendors we weren’t able to taste so another trip might need to be made! Comment and let me know what looked the best to you!


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