May Favorites

May was such an amazing month for me! It was my birthday, I got to travel to a new part of the country to have adventures and experience the east cast for the very first time, and I officially launched the blog. I wanted to thank everyone who have followed me through these journeys and have been so supportive.

In the spirit of supporting what you love, I wanted to start a monthly favorites post. Each month I will post 5 categories that I was fully obsessed with for that month. So let’s get into my May Favorites!

1. Emeralds

For my birthday present from my boyfriend, Brandon,  he got the most beautiful emerald earrings. I have always had a love for semi-precious stones and emeralds are one of my favorites. Not only are they my favorite color, but they are the birth stone for the month of May. Both of those facts made the gift that much sweeter. The ones he purchased me were vintage to boot. I absolutely love vintage jewelry! To think of the stories and love attached to pieces like these makes my inner romantic swoon. Since they were vintage I can’t let you know where to get the exact pair, but I have listed some other options I thought were gorgeous below.


                                                            On Sale for 40% off!!

2. Off the Shoulder Tops

I know I am not alone when I talk about my love for off the shoulder tops. They’re the perfect blend of sexy an cool and a great item t throw over a pair of jeans and look instantly fashion forward. With such a wide variety of shapes, prints, and styles they can be your go to piece throughout all of the summer heat.

FullSizeRender (6)

                                                Purple off the shoulder- Forever 21 Here

Love the gingham and layered sleeves!

3. Dupes

Who doesn’t love a good dupe?!? That was a total trick question – everyone loves a good dupe. Getting that designer look for a discount of the price is like a dream come true. Which is why I almost died when I saw these BP thin wire bracelets that look so much like the David Yurman bracelets. While these are currently sold out at Nordstroms I was able to locate a few other dupes. BTW, The David Yurman bracelets run from $400 to $2000. So these are a serious steal!


4. Lace-up Flats

I have been loving a lace-up fat in May. Running around New York there were limited times when heels were appropriate. While heels were pretty inappropriate for most of our outings, I still wanted to keep a chic and comfortable look. I was in a fashion capital of the world after all. The lace up flats had all the details I was looking for to update a casual look and keep my feet comfy while we ran around the city.


These from Forever 21 are under $20 and so cute for summer!

Steve Madden and under $40! Comes in a couple colors too!

5. Sheet Face Masks

Your skin is the largest organ you have and keeping it clean, exfoliated, and moisturized is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I love how putting on a face mask can feel like a mini spa treatment. I love to light a candle, put on a slow song, and relax while my mask is doing it’s thing. Life can be so hectic that little moments of personal time like this are incredible important. A few of my favorites are listed below.


Also, love this Orchid mask that is only $6!

Comment down below if you were seriously crushing over any of my top picks for May!! I love to hear what you guys are loving ATM.

Have a great week, Babes!


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Father Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for the men of your life can feel like an  impossible task! My dad is the kind of guy that doesn’t want much and the things he does want he will always go out and buy himself. (Thanks for making this difficult, dad) So, when it comes to shopping for Father’s Day I try and find things that he never knew he actually needed. What I mean by that is gifts that help enhance his everyday.

Whether you are shopping for your father or the kids are shopping for theirs, I have listed great options for all the special men in your life. Gift ideas are listed my price so it makes it easy for you to look up the option that fits into your budget.

Happy shopping, Lovies!


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Under $50

Under $100

$100 and Up

At The Coffee Shop

Hello Lovies!

Sorry I have been M.I.A. – I had my wisdom teeth removed and spent the long weekend in bed with lots of ice cream. (I cannot complain about that MMmm)


This coffee shop was right down the street from our rental while we were in New York. On this morning, the sun was shining and the city was alive! This off the shoulder top was light and airy which was a godsend because it got insanely hot later in the day. These shoes caught my eye the moment I saw them and it was love! I’m not usually an animal print lover, but when a piece is done right it can really be a show stopper.


I only lasted this coffee trip in these heels and then I slipped into something a little more comfortable for sight seeing throughout the day. I have serious respect for all the ladies I saw working those heels around the city! (I am not worthy!)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Details 2

Look down

Best Memorial Day Sales!


SAVE up to 40% on clothing, shoes, accessories and more for women during the Half-Yearly Sale at Nordstrom! Ends 6/4. FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

This dress has such a beautiful print! This is going to get so much use during summer for parties and BBQs.

This dress is super cute and a little more casual. Dresses like these are my go to for a day of shopping or beach day in Santa Monica.

In love with these jeans! I own one pair already and wear them on the regular so I thought I would pick up another pair. They’re marked down to $40 so I really couldn’t resist.

What a gorgeous watch! Super sleek and simple – perfect for an everyday piece.

Wild Fox

This bra is SO CUTE!

Wild Fox has the softest and most comfortable tees.

Loving the heart shaped cups and string details of this swimsuit.

Ann Taylor

Extra 50% Off Sale Styles with code: SUMMER. Offer valid 5/25/2017 @ 12 AM – 5/28/2017 @ 5PM

I have been loving all of the ruffled tops that are trending for Spring. This one was so cute and I loved the one shoulder cut of the top.

I can always trust Ann Taylor to find cute office appropriate clothes for work.  I love how the stitching on the dress hits on the narrowest part of the mid section. This is going to be super slimming and really give that hour glass shape ( Sign me up for anything that makes my waist look slimmer!)

I love hearing about what other treasures people were able to find at these huge sales. Comment below with your sale finds!


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Let’s Eat: TAO New York

Something you should know about me is that I am a HUGE foodie! I feel like living in Los Angeles it would be difficult to not be on some level. We have access to restaurants owned by the creme de la creme of the culinary world , amazing authentic cuisine from all over the world, and countless other restaurants that are pushing the boundaries on classic dishes. So when it came to picking the perfect birthday dinner spot for New York, not just anything would do. After tons of research, I came across TAO.


The decor alone took my breathe away. The restaurant is designed to make the diner feel as though they are dining in an ancient Asian temple.

My birthday dress reminded me so much of Carrie Bradshaw’s classic ballerina dress from the opening of Sex and The City (I couldn’t find it in blush anywhere – Boo!) So when it came to cocktails I found myself thinking “What would Carrie drink?” Duh! – Cosmopolitan, of course. It was perfectly mixed and deliciously sweet. We ordered an appetizer of tempura green beans and took in our gorgeous surroundings.

For dinner we ordered kung pao chicken which was just-okay. The sauce was delicious and the chicken was perfectly cooked, but it was missing the heat that I look for in a good kung pao. We also ordered the duck fried rice which was out of this world delicious. The duck was buttery and unbelievably delicious!

I am not the kind of girl that says no to dessert. So I as extremely excited when the waiter brought this giant fortune cookie to the table. It was loaded with chocolate mousse and the cookie was soft with the perfect amount of crunch from the nuts and chocolate coating its rim.


If you are looking for a fancy night out in the Midtown area of New York, TAO is a delicious and awe-inspiring option!


Outfit Details:

Dress: L’Atiste

Faux Fur Stole: Norstroms

Shoes: Zara

Clutch: Aldo

Necklace: Vintage



Comment below and let me know if you like posts like this one. I was thinking that I would try and do a “Let’s Eat” Once a month.


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** In case you missed it: Welcome to New York**

Welcome To New York!

Outfit Details:

Bag: Rebecca Minkhoff [Here] Jacket: TOV Love This Floral Jacket and This Moto Jacket Denim: Zara [Similar Here] Tank Top: Hungry Criminal [Similar Here ]Shoes: Zara [Similar Here]

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Hello Beautiful

Welcome! This is Wild Pretty Things – The personal diary of all things that make me smile, make me think, or make my little heart pitter-patter out of extreme joy.

Now you might be asking, what’s with the name? Since I can remember I have struggled with who I am. The pressure of a young girl’s life hit me strong with insecurities and I spent most of my younger years trying to be what I thought people wanted me to be – trying to fit in – instead of trying to think about who I wanted to be. I felt like I had so many different people inside of me and the thought of choosing, of putting  myself in a box that I would forever have to live up to was… well it was too much to bear.

A girl grows up being told that she should always be herself while also being told that she must always be perfect. We are taught that our value is in our looks and not in our abilities. In the face of being told over and over that I had to be pretty, smart, popular, and thin I was totally overwhelmed. I come from an Italian family so food is love and I never met a food I didn’t love. I absolutely had an awkward stage and will fully admit that I am the swan that came from the little ugly duckling. I also have a pretty strong introvert side that made it really hard for me to make friends outside of the group that I had grown up with. I was smart – That I can say with full confidence, but when you feel like you only have one of the four things that every girl is “supposed” to have it leaves you feeling like you’re not enough.

The hardest thing for me to do was to see that I can be anyone & anything that I want to be. This seems so simple, yet in a world that is constantly trying to label woman and tell her what she should be, sometimes turning off all that white noise can be a huge hurdle. Above all else, I had to learn to trust myself and be confident in the person that I am. Self-love is the greatest gift I have given myself and it has made all of the difference in the world.

Wild Pretty things is based around the idea that I don’t have to choose. This is me breaking out of the boxes of what the world says that a women should be and deciding that I am just going to be ME. This is me embracing my Wild and Pretty sides. Now, what exactly does that mean to me?

Life on the Wild Side –

Fun Loving and Spontaneous

Always looking for a new adventure

Doesn’t do trends – She has a style all to her own

Always the life of the party and loves to meet new people

Outspoken and always willing to defend what is right
More Then Just a Pretty Face –

This girl has a got a brain and wits to match

Always effortlessly put together

Detailed and organized

Loves a quiet evening in with a book and coffee (Coffee with anything really )

Great listener who always offers the perfect advice
Whatever sides you have inside yourself, I hope that you learn to embrace every facet that makes up the beautiful person that you are and run with it. It’s our differences that make each of us special and this is a place where that will always be celebrated.


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