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In case you weren’t aware, I am a very pale skinned lady. So pale skinned that at night time during Coachela every year I have to fend off hundreds of giant moths that live in the valley. Turns out that night time in the desert my skin is the most luminous point in the desert. Leading all of the moths to come flying right to my milky skin. (This has slightly traumatized me from moths – eek) Besides my moth hi jinx, I have never really had a problem with my paleness.  But the last few years, right before Coachella, I have been buying a month package at a tanning salon and feeling awful about it. The results are always way better than anything I have ever achieved from being in the sun, but I feel bad about the damage my skin is taking from those bulbs.


I have always been too afraid to try a self-tanner with my light skin. Countless Star magazine covers have featured A-list celebrities being put on blast for the orange glow of their bad self-tans and I think that has always put fear in me. If Anne Hathaway can’t get a decent tan with her wealth and reputation then what chance do I have with my self-applied, drugstore self-tanner.


I bet you have seen Loving Tan come across your Instagram feed a time or two. That is how I found out about the brand of self-tanner. Their feed features post after post of results submitted by average people who have seen amazing results with the products.  From women trying to get rid of those winter white legs to olive skinned beauties trying to elevate their tan to the next level. The coloration difference results are amazing, but what was even more impressive to me was how natural the tan looked. Even women as pale is their befores as myself have submitted photo after photo of natural bronzed skin. These results looked way too good to be true – I decided to try it and placed my first order!


This is how the items arrived packaged in the box. Each order comes with a cute little thank you note with a quote on the backside. ( Pictured below) I love the detailing and thought that is put into the packaging of the product. Opening the box and packaging was like opening a present that just kept revealing more and more beautiful layers.

FullSizeRender (30)

Even the bottles themselves are beautifully packaged with a sheeny light pink and white comb that just makes me so happy! I ordered the 2hr Express, the 6hr Processing mouse, applicator mitt, polishing glove, bronzing lotion, and the extender to help with reaching the back more easily. Everything was about what you would expect to pay for a self-tanner – Nothing was too expensive.






Tips for Applying the Mouse:

  • Make sure to shave, exfoliate, and lotion your entire body 24 hours before applying the mouse. This will ensure that you are able to get an even tan across your entire body.
  • Lotion your elbows, ankles, and knees before applying the tan. This will make these areas look more natural once the tan has processed.
  • Move quickly! This stuff dries really quickly and I got best results when I applied the mouse evenly across the section and worked it into the skin quickly.
  • Work in circles, buffing the mouse into the skin.
  • When doing your arms and legs, make sure to apply the mouse to the entire arm or leg area before tanning the knees, elbows, or ankles. Only use the excess on the glove for those areas to get a natural tan there.

My Results:

FullSizeRender (31)

This picture was taken with the first application on the left and my second application on the right. I forgot to take a before photo so I put some photos of my paleness below. Coloration like this would take me an entire month at a tanning salon. Here I was able to get that done in 4 hours and with no damage to my skin. I would absolutely recommend and will be repurchasing Loving Tan.



  • Packaging is gorgeous and exciting to open.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Smells AMAZING!!!!!!!!
  • Arrived very quicky



  • I thought that the medium tan would be a little darker after the first application. I got good coverage, I just expected to be a little tanner. Second application was the desired coloration.
  • Seems to fade pretty quickly. After a few days I noticed that it was a lot lighter. I reapplied and was happy with it.
  • Hands and feet look streaky. This might be because I have never applied self-tanner before and need to learn how to properly tan those areas.


All in all I think this is an amazing product that gave me the results I desired. I am thinking I will try the “Dark” instead of “Medium” when I reorder and see if that can correct some of the cons that I found with the product. The images for the Mitt and the mouse in dark, below,  are shop able links if you would like to try the self-tanner.

Have you ever used Loving Tan? What were your results?


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Vegan Challenge: Week Two

“We are, quite literally, gambling with the future of our planet – for the sake of hamburgers.” – Peter Singer


This week was much better then last week – No whole milk lattes, but lots of coconut milk lattes! I have been too busy to keep a steady work out schedule (Or so I still tell myself), but  I did hit the gym once this week- which is about what I have been doing before August first. Despite not working out, I noticed today that my reflection looks like it has shrunk a bit. A jump on the scale shows that I have lost nearly 7lbs in almost 2 weeks. Seeing this makes me feel amazing (And wish I took before photos) – All I have done differently in the last two weeks is remove animal products. This makes me want to hit the gym – I feel excited and driven to get back into old habits. It’s late at night, but I do some calisthenics and plan to go for a run in the morning.

I started to think about other reasons people have chosen a plant based diet this week. I watched Cowspiracy: The Sustainable Secret  and have a much lengthier review here. Cowspiracy is a documentary film that it about the environmental harm caused by the meat industry. I was shocked taking in some of the information, like the fact that 51% of all global emissions of greenhouse gasses comes from animal agriculture. This compared to 18% from cars and other vehicles. I found it so strange that you hear such a wide discussion on how car emissions are ruining the world yet animal agriculture isn’t mentioned at all. It was an overwhelming documentary that for the most part remained pretty unbiased (Minus one large point I discuss in the post here) and offered a lot of great information


This week I kept all the classics from my last post and found some other new staples that have great vegan options. First off was the soyfrites anything from Chipotle. The soyfrites is chopped up soy mixed with a variety of spices. It has a great flavor and texture – some soy products can have a gummy or chewy texture, but this is not like that at all. I love home many different options you have at Chipotle too. You can get soft tacos, then a salad bowl, and then a burrito. This makes you feel like you have a lot more options.



Another option for a quick meal are these Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein ramen packets. These are nice to have around for when you can’t decide what to get and are so starving your’re about to die. They cook up really quickly and are super delicious



Family Dinner:

I come from a Sicilian family so it was a no-brainer that pasta was going to be on the menu. I looked up recipes on Pinterest and everything seemed too complicated or out of my skill set. I decided to just wing it and make a pasta loaded with some of my favorite vegetables. I love the texture that cooked kale adds to a pasta dish. I cooked the kale over the stove top with salt and pepper, adding garlic once the leaves were about 1/3 of the way wilted down. cook until the garlic is slightly transparent and then place aside.

My mother makes the most amazing garlic portobellos – I could seriously eat them all day! You heat up some olive oil in a pan and add a whole chopped shallot. When they’re crispy, add the chopped portobellos and cook for 5 minutes. Add chopped garlic and cook for 2 more minutes – Then put them with the kale. Cook the pasta and mix everything together. I added a ton of olive oil to my veggies, so I did have to add any more oil to the pasta. If you feel like yours is a little dry then you can add some non-dairy butter or more olive oil.



One of my all time favorite foods in the world is a thick slice of garlic bread –  especially garlic bread with cheese on top (WAH – I miss cheese!) I have heard of vegan cheese, but there is no way that you can make cheese out of plants, right? Well, no you can’t, but the Toffuti All American Cheese is pretty delicious and pretty close. It didn’t melt really well, but it had a gooey kind of texture to it that was very cheeseesk. For the garlic bread, I bought a loaf of french bread and cut it in half. I used Earth Balance non-dairy butter and then sprinkled a good amount of garlic powder. I laid down the cheese and baked it for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.



I was really surprised that I was able to make this meal. Especially, to have it taste so good and have no animal products at all. I know that I always thought making a vegan meal would be super complicated and take forever. This meal took less then 20 minutes and was under $20.



Do you have any vegan recipes that you love? Comment below!



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Why go Vegan? For the Environment

“You can’t be an environmentalist and eat animal products. Period!” – Howard Lyman

Why Go Vegan?  – Environmental 

Last week I started this series with my personal reasons for wanting to try a vegan diet. Through the next weeks I really wanted to explore the different reasons that others have decided to start and live by a plant based diet. I decided to start with a documentary film.  While documentaries can be extremely one sided, they’re a good place to get a lot of information about a topic fast and research farther from there. I watched Cowspiracy: The Sustainable Secret which is all about animal agriculture and the effects that the meat industry have on our planet.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainable Secret – 

I was shocked to hear that 51% of the global greenhouse gas emissions come from methane release in animal agriculture. The media and climate change advocates always push for more regulation on vehicles and the gas and oil industry, so why is no one talking about this??

Kip had the same questions and sought out  officials for some of the worlds leading organizations for environmental issues. Most of the organizations admitted that they did not have any information on the subject. As was the case for the Sierra Club, Surf Rider Foundation, Oceana, and NRCD. While others, like Green Peace, chose to completely ignored the question all together by refusing to meet with Kip and his crew.

Another huge topic was the destruction of land in the Amazon to create land to graze animals. It is stated that an acre of land in the Amazon jungle is destroyed every second of everyday. With the destruction on the land, nearly 100 species of insect and animal species are lost each day. Yet, when you visit the website for Rainforest Action Network, one of the leading Rainforest protection groups, you only see information on palm oil, tar sand, gas and oil – no mention of animal agriculture at all.

An interview with a member of AmazonWatch was the only interview in which the organization mentioned that animal grazing was the leading factor in deforestation. She mentions that the Brazilian government has a huge stack in the industries and speaking against against it could lead to your death. Such was the case with Dorothy Stang. Dorothy Stang was an American born environmental activist who lived in the middle of the Amazon and fought to protect it. She would speak out against the meat industry and caddle ranchers who were destroying the land to keep more cattle. In 2005, as she walked home, she was gunned down by members of the cattle industry.

In one scene, he visits a sustainable farm and speaks with the owners about the amount of resources it takes to raise livestock. Every cow to cow and a half will require 4,500 acres of land for grazing. Pigs will require 20 acres and will need to be moved around  another 10 acres. The land will also need to be rotated as the heard will deplete the resources of the land. When peaking to Clover Dairy farm, they said they go through 140 to 150 pounds of grain and 30-40 gallons of water a day to keep 250 cows.

In comparison, when he visits an urban garden he finds that they’re able to create 14 pounds of food on the 2 acre plot of land that they inhabit. The owners of this garden talk about how easy it is to replenish the land that just gave them so much in return. Plant based agriculture is able to create a higher yield of food and makes better and uses fewer resources then the land used to raise livestock.

Reflection – 

I think that this documentary had a lot of great information on a subject that I never would have thought of to be such a huge problem.  I found it extremely shocking that so many environmental organizations would not be talking about such a huge problem. But that is how the world is there days. If there is money to be made, no matter how much of a problem it creates, we make that money.

One area that I thought was pretty biased was when he was talking about the Amazon rainforest and how the forest is being bulldozed for animal agriculture. That land is also being destroyed to create soy bean and palm oil, which are two things that are prevalent in a vegan diet. This seems like kind of a weak argument for a documentary trying to convince people to switch to veganism. The rainforests would still be destroyed in order to create the demand for more soy products. While it takes less land to grow soy beans then to raise cattle, the growing demand would cause more Amazon to be destroyed still.

Overall I really enjoyed the documentary and feel like I got so much information to process. They really do a great job at making you question giving up meat for good. Specifically in one scene when they kill a duck on camera. To be honest, I did not watch this scene. I am an animal lover and have a weak heart when it comes to watching things of that nature. But the point of the scene, and the realization Kip comes to when hes crying after watching the slaughter, is that we have a huge disconnect between the animal that was killed and the meat that we eat.

Have you seen this documentary film? If so, what did you think about it?


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Adventures at Greystone Mansion

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Greystone Mansion is a historical landmark nestled in the ultra exclusive neighborhood of Beverly Hills.  The mansion itself is huge and made up on rich woods and huge stones. The grounds that surround the mansion are lush with beautiful flowers and trees and feature countless numbers of gorgeous fountains. The mansion is open to the public during the day and offers beautiful views and a tranquil space for someone looking to get lost in a beautiful place.

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Outfit Details:

Top – Similar Here

Leggings – Here (Under $10!)

Wedges –  Similar Here and Here.

Bangles – Here and Here

Summer in LA means long warm days basking in the sun. This top with its flowy, breathable sleeves is exactly what you want to wear on a day like that. I am extremely pale skinned (Shocker- I know) so o days like this I love an off the shoulder top to allow my skin take in some of that Vitamin D and maybe some color.

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These leggings are super affordable and look great with pretty much anything. They have a zipper up the side so there are no lines running up the front.  I like mixing something light and airy with something a little more form fitting like I did in this look.

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These wedges are my go to for summer! The camel color looks great with nearly everything and I love the overlapping straps details. The height is perfect for exploring and even comfortable to wear to work. I paired the look with a few silver Alex and Ani bangles to add a fun element and some jingle.

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Greystone Mansion is a beautiful place to get lost for a while when in Los Angeles. Thanks for checking out the post and have a great weekend!


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