Affordable Gift Guide: Gift Ideas Under $50

Christmas can quickly turn from the happiest season of the year to a full out stress fest when you realize how expensive the gifts you want to purchase for your loved ones are. However, that doesn’t have to be the case!Below I have great affordable gift options for everyone on your Christmas list.

Travel Buddy:

I absolutely love the idea of a calendar with month after month of travel destination inspiration. While you might not be able to purchase a trip for the jet setter in your life, you can inspire their next trip for under $20. Cute travel accessories are another great option- Ted Baker tag set $42.90 & Rebecca Minkoff passport holder $45.00.

AdventRebecca Minkoff Adventure Awaits Passport HolderTed Baker Luggage TagsLonely Places Travel Calendar

Fitness Freak:

Fitness accessories get grody super quickly, so getting a cool upgrade will always be appreciated by a gym bunny. How cool is this spikey water bottle? And it’s only $40 and comes in 8 different colors! Bluetooth headphones will be the gym junkies new best friend – No more wire getting caught and ripping the bud right out of their ear. (I manage to do this everything I get on a cardio machine!)

Fitness Arm Band Phone HolderRubber Spiked Water BottleBluetooth Head Phones

For Him:

Boys can be so hard to shop for, especially if they are anything like my boyfriend. If he thinks of anything he wants he will always go out and buy it. Leaving me in the dark when it comes to gift ideas – Thanks, babe. My boyfriend loves comic books and anything related, so this Marvel calendar would be a perfect option to take him into the new year (And for only $16!) This Nintendo mug would be a huge hit too. Displayed proudly on his desk and filled with coffee to push him through that after lunch slow down.

2 done1 done22

Gag Gifts:

Sometimes when you don’t know what to get someone the best gift can be something just plain silly. I love the turkey hat!! Especially because it’s silly, yet oh-so practical for the chilly weather. Your friend will thank you for the conversation starting head gear and you wont break the bank at $16. I love this man eater tee shirt for your most badass misses or the iconic bear holder hat!

2011 done6 done

Phone Obsessed:

This category will pretty much cover everyone on your gift list. Everyone covets their cellular deice so why not make that daily staple a little better. I love the card holding phone case – Phone and purse unite and for only $35! Have you ever left the house only to  realize that you forgot a charger and your trusted device is almost dead?! It’s the worst! But, now you can have this sleek key chain with charging cord. You’ll never have to fear being without battery. These lens covers are super cool too – They attach to the your phones camera and allow you to take the perfect selfies!

_102068979_1010674728 done

Music Lover:

Concert tickets can get pretty out of hand with all of the services charges they charge now. Instead opt for a shower speaker that will let them have their own nude concert (oh-la-la!)  Or they can test their music knowledge with this trivia game. My personal favorite is the Platinum LP Mirror and it’ only $32! Allow your music obsessed friends to express it with some awesome music decor.

10 done9 done4 done

For The Home:

Funky decor is one of my favorite things in the entire world! This Llama rug makes me so happy and it will make that funky friend happy and your wallet happy with a $35 price tag. Who doesn’t love an avocado??? So it’s easy to say that the avocado addict on your list will flip over this bowl for only $24.

2117 done7 done

Gift Guide: Cozy Gift Ideas

I seriously cannot believe that the holidays are just around the corner. The year seems to be flying by! Some of my favorite gifts each year are something I can curl up with and get comfy. They’re simple, cute, and great to give to anyone – even yourself! 😉



Kimono Robe - BlueBurgandy Robe - UggMixed Pattern Blue RobePlush Baby Blue robe



Sorry Not Sorry PJsSatin Colorful Shorts PJsFleece White PJ'sMens PLaid PJs



UGG Puff Ball SlipperCoffee SlippersGrey Slipper SocksMen's plaid slipper



Bunny SocksKnee High SocksUgg Burgundy SocksMens Star Wars Socks



Bee BEanieChunky KNit - BLueCrystal BeanieMens Converse slouchy beanie


Something To Curl Up With:

BAIES CandlesFaux Fur ThrowRudolf MaskMug





















September & October Favorites

These last two months have been slam packed with inspiration. I love the transition seasons where you get a little bit of sun from summer and the first taste of Fall’s chill. The last two months were full of transitional favorites. Getting as much us of possible from my summer sunnies and starting to mix metals for Fall. Some favorites are classics – Like my obsession for face masks. And others are becoming a re-occurring trend as embroidery details remain hot into Fall.



Love is in the details and I am totally crushing over embroidery- From tops and skirts to shoes and purses. This trend is great because it is an easy way to add texture and interest to even the most simple look. Embroidery detailing is so eye-catching that I don’t like to pair it with too many other accessories – The beautiful stitching should be the focal point. The shoes I am wearing below are from my first time watching the Dodgers from a box suite (Post here). These shows are SO comfortable and I got o many compliments from people at the game. See some of the embroidery items I purchased this month below.


Face Masks:


I will probably have face masks on every favorites I have for the rest of time. Growing up with an unfortunate case of acne has made me super focused on my skin and making sure it is nurtured. I have seen the Tony Moly face masks all over Instagram and fell in love with their bright packages. There is a Korean Beauty store by my house where I was able to pick up a few and really loved them. They come in a variety of different combinations for any skin ailment you might have. I also shared a post with some of my favorite egg white face masks (Post here). These are a fabulous and affordable option for papering your skin.


Mixing Metals:


I don’t know why, but a lot of people think of mixing golds and silvers as a fashion faux pa. When done correctly, this detail can add a huge impact to an outfit. I love mixing metals for Fall. Fall is the time to bring out all of you earth tones – Which is a perfect canvas for mixing metals. I mixed an assortments of different metals below and loved the way they played together.




Living in Los Angeles, Sun glasses are an accessory you do not leave the house without. During summer I go on a sun glasses purchasing spree and around now I realize the damage they have done to my wallet – Whoops! Sunglasses are a great way to add a little mystery to an outfit or to make you feel a little more presentable when you roll out of bed and go for the morning coffee run looking like a hobo (Sometimes the desire for coffee cannot wait through a shower…)