Why be Vegan? For Animal Rights

 “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, the whole world would be vegetarian.” – Linda Mccartney


This was the topic that I was most dreading researching so I left it for last. The cruel treatment of animals is probably the most widely known reason to become vegan. I have seen the horrific photos that Peta uses in their ads, but I have never been brave enough to watch a documentary or video to actually see the abuse that these animals suffer. I decided to choose Meet Your Meat because it has a 12 minute and 48 second run time. Maybe, just maybe I could handle it for that long…


Meet Your Meat:

We started the short film by looking at the cruel ways that chicken and turkeys are treated before they’re slaughtered. The video shows thousands of chicken tightly crammed in cages that are littered with dead chicken. Many chickens will die from breaks in their legs caused by being grown to large too quickly. After they’re legs have broken they will remain left on the ground until it dies of starvation. It’s also very common for the chickens to die from hear attacks cased from stress.

There is then a Graphic video of man killing sick turkeys by beating them with a led pipe. The animals are left half alive squirming on the floor for six hours before being taken to the slaughter house. In the slaughter house they’re hung upside down and have their throats slit. They’re then scalded half alive to remove feathers.

5-11 hens crammed in a cage for egg production. Often fight go insane and attach each other. Due to this, they take a hot blade and  burn their beaks off. When egg production stops, they give the birds a hard electric shock to get them to produce more.

Next, they move onto the treatment of cattle. They show a video of a bull being castrated without any kind of pain medication. They also cut off the bulls horns. Injuries and illnesses will go untreated while the cows are growing in their cages. When being slaughtered many are skinned and dismembered while still fully conscious.

There was a video of a cow that has been hung upside down and it’s throat slit as a worker drains the blood into a bucket. As the worker walks away the cow in moving it legs and tongue- still conscious.

In dairy farms, baby cows are taken away immediately after birth. The male calves are taken and sold to veil farms. Veil caves are kept in confide spaces and give a low nutrient diet so they do not develop muscles and remain tender.

Lastly, is the treatment of pigs. Confined in small cages where they cant move, many go insane from lack of stimulation. The video shows pigs tightly crammed into cages with no room to move. We see a mother pig strapped down with no spaces other then the room where her babies are feeding. After being born, their ears deformed, teeth taken out, and they’re castrated all without pain medication. The video has the most disturbing cries from the babies.

There is a video of sick pigs being slammed against the floor head first. Other sick animals are left untreated until taken to the slaughter house. When it does come time to kill them, they move pigs by beating them with rods. Packed tightly onto the trucks headed to the slaughter house, their legs break from the weight of all the other animals crammed with them. The short film ends with a video of two large pigs hung up and killed. One pig falls from the leg constraints and squirms on the floor.



It was really difficult for me to watch the awful ways these animals were treated. I cried through the entire film and am still pretty shook up. While videos like this can be really horrific to watch  think this is something that more people should take the time to watch. For me I have always kept a my head in the and when it comes to eating meat. I will refuse to eat anything that comes on a bone or is too close to a joint. Those are the pieces of meat that just get a little to real for me. Seeing this video breaks that disconnect and allows you to really see the price that comes with that cheeseburger you’re about to enjoy.


The most disturbing thing about this short film was the cries and sounds of panic that over took the animals in they’re last few moments. Mixed with the disturbing footage of the abuse suffered at the hands of men. I was so heart broken seeing the brutality and knowing that there are people out there who lack so much empathy to treat a liking creature like that.


I chose this film because of it’s short run time, but it may have well been an hour. ( It crams a lot of brutal videos and information into those 12 minutes!) If you have never built up the courage to watch one of these videos and get a better understanding of the treatment, then take the time to watch this short film.


Thank for checking out this weeks Why be Vegan?! Comment down below if you saw this short film or any longer ones on the cruelty of animals.

Until next time!


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6 thoughts on “Why be Vegan? For Animal Rights”

  1. This is crazy! I am vegetarian and I don’t eat dairy, and am considering cutting out all animal products. I think that it is great that you are raising awareness. xx

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    1. Thank you! That’s real sweet of you to say. If you’re looking for that last push then you should check out the short film. It was extremely disturbing how these animals are treated. I still feel heart broken from watching it.


  2. I went Vegan after seeing what happens in our “Food” industry and the horrific way our fellow earthlings are treated. There are so many to watch, but to get the whole picture, and totally have your heart ripped out for the best reason ever, watch Earthlings. There are others, but Earthlings takes you through every imaginable and unimaginable reason to be vegan. From the food industry, to seal clubbing, dolphin hunting, animal testing, the fur and leather industry etc. This is a real life horror film, but everyone needs to see it once to fully understand all the ways in which we exploit animals. Well done to you for doing the challenge, doing some research and informing people about these industries!
    Much Love

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    1. I was trying to find earthlings and couldn’t so I settled with Meet Your Meat. If I can find it I will definitely watch it. The cruelty aspect is definitely the most convincing part for me. I have such a bleeding heart and a huge love for animals. It’s shameful the way that people treat them. Thank you for your sweet comment and the information 💗


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