May Favorites

May was such an amazing month for me! It was my birthday, I got to travel to a new part of the country to have adventures and experience the east cast for the very first time, and I officially launched the blog. I wanted to thank everyone who have followed me through these journeys and have been so supportive.

In the spirit of supporting what you love, I wanted to start a monthly favorites post. Each month I will post 5 categories that I was fully obsessed with for that month. So let’s get into my May Favorites!

1. Emeralds

For my birthday present from my boyfriend, Brandon,  he got the most beautiful emerald earrings. I have always had a love for semi-precious stones and emeralds are one of my favorites. Not only are they my favorite color, but they are the birth stone for the month of May. Both of those facts made the gift that much sweeter. The ones he purchased me were vintage to boot. I absolutely love vintage jewelry! To think of the stories and love attached to pieces like these makes my inner romantic swoon. Since they were vintage I can’t let you know where to get the exact pair, but I have listed some other options I thought were gorgeous below.


                                                            On Sale for 40% off!!

2. Off the Shoulder Tops

I know I am not alone when I talk about my love for off the shoulder tops. They’re the perfect blend of sexy an cool and a great item t throw over a pair of jeans and look instantly fashion forward. With such a wide variety of shapes, prints, and styles they can be your go to piece throughout all of the summer heat.

FullSizeRender (6)

                                                Purple off the shoulder- Forever 21 Here

Love the gingham and layered sleeves!

3. Dupes

Who doesn’t love a good dupe?!? That was a total trick question – everyone loves a good dupe. Getting that designer look for a discount of the price is like a dream come true. Which is why I almost died when I saw these BP thin wire bracelets that look so much like the David Yurman bracelets. While these are currently sold out at Nordstroms I was able to locate a few other dupes. BTW, The David Yurman bracelets run from $400 to $2000. So these are a serious steal!


4. Lace-up Flats

I have been loving a lace-up fat in May. Running around New York there were limited times when heels were appropriate. While heels were pretty inappropriate for most of our outings, I still wanted to keep a chic and comfortable look. I was in a fashion capital of the world after all. The lace up flats had all the details I was looking for to update a casual look and keep my feet comfy while we ran around the city.


These from Forever 21 are under $20 and so cute for summer!

Steve Madden and under $40! Comes in a couple colors too!

5. Sheet Face Masks

Your skin is the largest organ you have and keeping it clean, exfoliated, and moisturized is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I love how putting on a face mask can feel like a mini spa treatment. I love to light a candle, put on a slow song, and relax while my mask is doing it’s thing. Life can be so hectic that little moments of personal time like this are incredible important. A few of my favorites are listed below.


Also, love this Orchid mask that is only $6!

Comment down below if you were seriously crushing over any of my top picks for May!! I love to hear what you guys are loving ATM.

Have a great week, Babes!


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7 thoughts on “May Favorites”

  1. Hi there, thank you for looking at my blog. Its all a bit quiet at the moment as I don’t really know how to kick it off. I love your blog, it looks great, interesting and I will follow you. Love the blue and white stripey shirt.

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      1. Hi, I don’t know how to attract viewers. I understand you have to visit other blogs but I am unable to find similar blogs I.e fashion and lifestyle. When I look in reader I seem to be lost within many literature blogs and sinking fast. I cannot find where I can choose a subject, can you help? Many thanks to you 🙂🌹

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much. I have managed to find like blogs with your advice. Now I need to build on that and improve my blog and hopefully I will be on my way. Thank you for being so kind, and of course I will be following my friend at wildprettythings. ❤️

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