Welcome To New York!

Outfit Details:

Bag: Rebecca Minkhoff [Here] Jacket: TOV Love This Floral Jacket and This Moto Jacket Denim: Zara [Similar Here] Tank Top: Hungry Criminal [Similar Here ]Shoes: Zara [Similar Here]

When it gets close to my birthday I get the most overwhelming feeling of wanderlust. This year was no different and I decided that I wanted to explore the sights, sounds and tastes of New York City. Having never been to New York before I did a TON of research on all of the best places to check out. This look was from a day of exploring, gazing at priceless works of art, and eating large quantities of food (YUM!)



Can we please talk about how gorgeous that jacket is! When I saw this jacket it was love at first sight. The zipper detailing is to dye for and the print is a dream. Mostly I love the juxtaposition of the girly floral print and the hard details of the zipper and the closure of the jacket.  The weather was a bit chilly with patches throughout the day whee the sun would peak-a-boo through the clouds and grace us with its warmth. I loved this look because when the sun was in hiding I could take off the jacket and remain comfortable in this great tank top. The jacket is really structured so I could just drape it over my shoulders. This was a life saver because who would want to carry that thing around all day? – not cute! Theses jeans are one of my favorite pairs and helped make the jacket a little more casual. Finished the look with my fav Rebecca Minkhoff bag and a dainty clock necklace. A black pair of flats that tied around the ankle were practical and super cute.

FullSizeRender (6)

Luckily, we had the most amazing coffee shop only a block away from our rental home. Brandon, my boyfriend, loves to sleep in so I ran down the block and grabbed us some pastries and lattes.

After breakfast we decided to take a stroll through Central Park. Central Park was full of gorgeous views, lush plants, and fantastic people watching. When ever I travel  love to visit the places where the people of that place come to be together and enjoy the beautiful day. New York was no different – The park was alive with families having picnics in the grass, street vendors selling their hand made nick-nacks, and the sweetest elderly couple feeding pigeons from a cozy park bench.

Next step we were headed to MOMA – Museum of Modern Art. Little did we know that before we even got to the museum we would see tons of art in the city. The city is riddled with artists selling their pieces along the street and amazing statues.

When we did reach MOMA we were able to feast our eyes on works of art that I had only studies in grade school.

Afterwards it was time for my favorite pastime – Shopping. I love a good thrift store and New York is covered in them. My favorite thrift store was called Search & Destroy. They had amazing piece and super eclectic design. I found this gorgeous faux fir, multi colored jack and fell madly in love. That was until the sales associate let me know that it was in fact real fur. The thought of wearing fur makes me unbelievably sad and I had to pass. I still think about this coat and need to find a faux fur version!
This was such a amazing day of touring and cite seeing. A good tip for exploring New York is to stay comfortable. You never know where the city is going to take you, but you have to be ready for it!
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